Persistence and Patience


Dear Akiiki Margaret celebrating her first day at Totoz World!

I tell my students you need to be patient:  you need to be persistent.  It’s as if these two entrepreneurial characteristics sometimes fight the other side of the coin, results-driven.  For many women entrepreneurs I work with in Africa, they may be in a hurry to make a buck because they need money to pay for food that day for their family.  In America, we are slaves to time and we want to see a payoff for our hard work quickly in this digital, face-paced world.

But there is another P in the mix of entrepreneurial skills, passion.  If it weren’t for passion, we would not succeed.  Passion helps us be persistent and patient.  My friend Akiiki Dear, one of the first graduates of Two Sides of the Same Coin, followed her passion.  After 15 months of persistence and patience, this month she opened her baby store in Fort Portal.  She is living her passion.

Not to say there are not frustrations along the way and they will continue.  Yesterday I was taught my own lesson.  One of my services, has been slow going in my mind.  I was feeling deflated, thinking, would this service work in Watertown?  Doubts started creeping into my head.  Today, I have only one client.

Well, yesterday I showed the space to another potential client.  Someone mentioned to me that it hadn’t been that long since I started the service.  It got me thinking once again about persistence and patience.  I looked back to see when I put up the website, May 30.  IT HADN’T EVEN BEEN TWO MONTHS!  I wasn’t being very patient at all! patient.  be persistent.  live your passion.


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